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Practice and Get Good at Daygame

It's common for met to go only to bars and night clubs to hookup with girls. It's because it's a good place to find hot and sexy girls. But going out every night is not good for you if you have to wake up early next morning.

Of course, there are alternative places to pickup women, not just clubs and bars at night. In the day time, a girl is in her natural normal self. Most guys don't know day game so you'll have less competition in the streets. Also, if you're into reserved girls, you won't find them in clubs partying all night. You can approach women everywhere while you are living your life. 
It's not really a problem if you meet women during the day along with your other activities. Men who do this find quality women who become their girlfriends later. Meeting these women and getting their number is a lot easier than you think. Don't like all the rest limited by the location to meet women.  

A lot of places where you can meet pretty women are open during the day. Simply visiting these locations should be enough to change your mind to meet some awesome girls. Girls are more relaxed when shopping in malls compared to other places. This is because shopping malls have a more relaxed atmosphere which makes it easier to approach, Mall are great for meeting girls with daygame blueprint with andy yosha you want to date sooner since you're already in a place where you can easily find a spot to continue your interaction.

Parks are filled with women during a warm sunny day with their dog or sitting on the grass. Just don't be a stranger in the park, you need to belong there. Maybe it's meeting girls in the park. Since museums have so much artifacts in display, you can easily pick one and start a conversation with a girl. Markets have a lively and interesting atmosphere which can make women feel relaxed. 

As you walk home from work you can meet a beautiful girl. She could be on her way to meet you right now. She could be at the right time and at the right place for a chance meeting with you. You should approach with a big confident smile with your mouth and eyes. Don't forget to smile when your eyes meet for the first time. Make sure you are looking into her eyes when you say hello. Be fun and friendly as you get the conversation going. Treat her well and have a fun time together. If the conversation is good, you can set up the next date. Show your interest so you're clear with each other.  

It doesn't matter if you're outgoing or not, you can meet women anytime. Humans are social animals, we like to belong to groups and be social with each other. The best way to connect with other people is other people themselves. Having more and more friends is not going to be a problem for you. If you are spiritual, you can go to churches to meet women. They have social functions where you can meet a lot of new people.

Go around the city if you have the time and you'll meet someone for sure.  This can be easy to do and without any pressure. Find a good place where there are a lot of women. Make eye contact and say hello whenever you get the chance to see a beautiful woman. If you're passionate about something, use that as fuel to meet women. And if nothing works, there always the mall where you can meet young women.  

Get yourself some good times with a new girl once in a while. Take action if you want some results that you can be proud of. Find places filled with pretty girls so you can get started right away. Meeting women on campus is really the easiest way you can find. Most students gather at certain areas to read books and socialize. You can meet them and socialize by starting a conversation. You can even take her to her class if you did great with her in the beginning.

If you have work and can't take the day off, night classes is a good option for you, Sometime, girls will be idling and waiting for classes, that's a good time to approach. Find a class where there are naturally many women who enrol. You'll have many things in common to talk about with her once you're in the same class. And you will be seeing them consistently throughout the week. It's easy to find quality dates.   

If you want to meet foreign women, you gotta think about certain differences. It can be a challenge if the foreign girl can't understand what you're saying. It very rare sometimes to encounter foreign girls who are good with talking in English. Most of them can't understand or speak so it's up to you to overcome these constraints. If you're interested in learning their language, that's a good option, too. There are culture differences to consider also.  

Even talking on the phone can make some guys nervous. You have to keep the conversation flowing and you have to sound confident. If you can make your first words memorable, then it's fine. Introduce yourself and ask her some questions to get the conversation going. To make the conversation more comfortable, be sure to add some humor and make her laugh. Continue what you're doing right and she'll get relaxed and comfortable.   

One of the best way to start a conversation with women is to be funny. It's always goes well when you can use humor effectively to meet women. It's all about feeling great about yourself and sharing that with the women you meet. If you feel good about yourself, it's only natural that she'll feel good about meeting you. Starting things the right way always have a better chance of ending it right, too. Keep approaching women and keep things simple.